In Memory of Annabelle
In Memory of Annabelle
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Annabelle Riley Bryant was born to Rodney and Meredyth Bryant on Sunday, October 13th, 2002, eight days before her due date. She was a little 6 lbs., 14 oz. and had the prettiest rosy red lips. She was such a blessing; it took us a year and four months to conceive her. She was an amazing baby; she was so tender and sweet. Our world and lives shifted so fast, all of our attention and focus quickly changed, it all became about Annabelle. We took pictures and live video of her all the time, amazed at how much she could change from day to day. We loved her, protected her, and cherished her, our first born child.


She turned into one of the most sensitive, well-behaved, loving, adorable, precious toddlers many people had ever met. She loved her baby brother Drew so much, he was born fourteen months after her. They were very close. They played together, ate together, bathed together, slept at the same time, got dressed at the same time, and went everywhere together and even shared the same friends. She helped Mom to care for and love Drew so much, she was a good little Mommy to him and her baby dolls.


Annabelle loved to laugh, tickle, dance and jump. She loved Strawberry Shortcake and The Wiggles. She was a Daddy’s girl. As most little girls do, she looked up to her Dad as if he were a hero, he was her hero. Her Mommy’s favorite part of each day, besides saying good morning to her in her crib, was when we would pick out an outfit together and fix her hair.


Annabelle brought so much joy into our lives.  For this we are thankful.


We miss you sweet girl.


All our love, Mommy & Daddy

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